Blog update: guestbook

I’ve added a guestbook to the blog, see the link in the pages menu below the header and in the sidebar. Simple, clean format in keeping with the rest of the blog; if you received the previous email or rss feed update about this, ignore that one as I was experimenting with another format which didn’t work as well, and when it synced automatically with WordPress, it was mistakenly posted as an update when it shouldn’t have been yet.

I’ve also transferred any older comments on the other main blog pages to the guestbook page, so now comments and feedback will only be on the guestbook page and in the posts themselves still of course.

The main guestbook page has the most recent five entries, below which is a link to older comments and the form to post your own comment, or you can respond to previous individual comments as well. There doesn’t seem to be a way in WordPress right now to place the form above or to the side of the comments, but if I can do that later I will.