Blog update:

I’ve moved the blog from to, which has many more features, options and added stability and security. The layout is still essentially the same, although I upgraded the theme from Twenty Ten to Twenty Eleven. I looked at dozens of others, but stlll came back to this as my favourite. Simple and clean, but with lots of modification options.

I’m still tweaking things a bit in terms of plugins and widgets, but the basic look is done. The header is a bit roomier now, so I can show the “Meridiani landscape” image more the way that I originally wanted to.

Posts now have a “comments bubble” in the upper right corner for adding comments (and comment count) or you can still do it using the link below each post, as well as a “like” button. There are also sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email and print below each post as well as follow and subscription widgets for Twitter, Facebook, rss and email in the sidebar. I’ve also added a widget for the latest Twitter updates and an animated category cloud widget in the sidebar.