Blog update: iPhone and iPad

I’ve updated the blog’s CSS file a bit so that the blog views better on the iPhone and iPad. Before, the default CSS setting meant that the sidebar would not show properly as it does on desktop computers, but instead would be pushed way down below the postings, so you would have to scroll down a lot to see the sidebar content. Other text and images would also get messed up a bit. The tweaks I made change that, taking into account the smaller screen sizes, particularly the iPhone. If you would like to focus in on just the posts, you can still do the “pinch-‘n-zoom” of course on the screen. The only significant difference still is that the background is not seen, only the main blog pages, which is a minor sacrifice and actually benefits the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices.

I’m not sure yet about other mobile smartphones such as Android, but the viewing should be comparable. If anyone uses an Android phone and sees a layout that is quite different than usual, please let me know.