Blog update: blog post changes

Just a brief note to clarify some of the changes recently regarding various blog posts.

Since I am writing a lot more now for Universe Today and, which does take a fair bit of time, and is my freelance work, some posts here will be secondary (reposts) while others will still be originally posted here.

For Universe Today, any articles I do which also fit into the planetary exploration theme of this blog, I will repost here after they are published initially on UT. However I can only post a summary here and then link to the original article (per their guidelines) as they are written as original content. There are also some articles for UT I do that are not posted here, as they cover different aspects of space or astronomy than what this blog does. To read those ones, you just need to follow UT. Also, UT uses a writing planner, so that different writers don’t cover the same specific topic. Any topic of interest which I can’t do on UT because someone else is already doing it, I can then of course still do it here as an original post.

For, I can repost a full article here if I want to, but I will usually post it here first, and then on

In short, there will still be original blog posting here, but also some crossover with my other writing projects. Hope it isn’t too confusing!