High-resolution view inside Gale crater

A small portion of the “oblique view” image of Mount Sharp and surrounding terrain in Gale crater. Credit: NASA / JPL

A new “oblique view” image has been posted on the HiRISE website showing an area inside Gale crater, the landing spot of the Curiosity rover. The high-resolution image, taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, shows a portion of Mount Sharp and the surrounding terrain of layers, canyons, buttes and sand dunes. The viewing angle is 45˚, similar to looking out the window of an airplane. Zoom into the image to see all of the amazing detail!

One Thought on “High-resolution view inside Gale crater

  1. Great Pic, of part of Gale Crater where a somewhat obvious/lower, flatter area (which appears to have once been part of a shallow lake &/or glacier, meets up against the higher elevation & later layers of sedimentary rock that formed during a much drier, much more arid epoch. Thanks Paul, for bringing this great MRO Pic & ‘zoom in’, to others, attention!

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