Postcard from Mars – the view from Curiosity on sol 409

Panoramic image of the view from Curiosity on sol 409. Click image for link to larger version.
Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Damia Bouic

As it continues to make its way to Mount Sharp, the Curiosity rover has been sending back to Earth some amazing images of the Martian surface. This latest “postcard” panoramic image by Damia Bouic is a montage of some of these latest photos, from sol 409. Part of the rim of Gale crater can be seen in the distance. Larger versions of the image (black & white and colour) can be seen here (French website). Thanks again to Damia for the use of her images, which beautifully capture the Martian scenery; the next best thing to actually being there! The rest of his Curiosity images can be seen here.

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