Featured product: Universe2Go personal planetarium

Image Credit: Omegon/Universe2Go

Planetaria is now a partner with Omegon, creators of the Universe2Go personal planetarium. U2Go is a portable interactive viewer that works with your smartphone to bring you the universe in a unique new way.

From the website description:

“A world first – Universe2go – your personal planetarium.

You have never seen the night sky like this.

Have you ever stood under the starry firmament and wondered what all the stars were up there? Or are you an amateur astronomer who has only looked into space through a telescope? Whatever the answer, Universe2go will fascinate you – because you have simply never experienced the night sky in such a way!

Universe2go is an interactive viewer that connects the real night sky with the digital world. A world first! But how does Universe2go do that? The answer lies in the concept of ‘Augmented Reality’ and the fantastic possibilities of modern smartphone devices.

Universe2go uses a revolutionary new star viewer to show you the starry sky using the corresponding app. Simply download the free app from the App Store and put your smartphone into a star viewer.

And when the stars appear in the evening, you’re ready to go – simply go outside and look up at the night sky through the Universe2go star viewer. It can show you the constellations, planets, deep-sky objects and anything that you want to see in the night sky. You can simply ‘take a stroll through space’, with the Universe2go keeping you orientated – just as if you had always been able to do just that.”

U2Go has been called a ‘Hot Product 2017’ by Sky & Telescope. Other press reviews are here. It also makes a great gift for kids.

More information about U2Gos features is available here. You can order U2Go from the Omegon website. Many other astronomy products are available there as well.

Photo Credit: Omegon/Universe2Go
Image Credit: Omegon/Universe2Go
Photo Credit: Omegon/Universe2Go

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