Blog update: image galleries

I’ve updated the image galleries a bit more; you can now view the main page by clicking on Image Galleries in the pages menu below the header, which then lists the individual gallery pages links, sorted by sub-gallery type (planets, dwarf planets, moons, etc.) and then by mission or telescopic observation (Cassini, MRO, Hubble, etc.) or by using the drop-down menu which pops up when you hover over Image Galleries with your mouse or trackpad pointer (for newer browsers). That main drop-down menu then also shows the individual gallery pages when you hover over the same sub-galleries. Any of the drop-down gallery links can now be clicked on to get to that particular page. The drop-down menus are the default option by design, but you can now also access the galleries the “old-fashioned way” as well. On the individual gallery pages, the thumbnail images now link to separate pages with the full-size images and a comments section.

Not a big change, just a way to make it easier for some people to see the image galleries, especially those still using older browsers. I’ll also be adding more images as I have time to do so.