More Endeavour photos

The Opportunity rover has now officially arrived at Endeavour crater, and is sitting just slightly inside the rim, on a ledge called Cape York. The rover is at one end of Cape York, which from above resembles an island, looking at a small crater called Odyssey. In the background is part of the far rim of Endeavour itself:

Odyssey crater on Cape York. Credit: Michael Howard (Midnight Martian)/NASA/JPL

In this image and others, interesting small “bright slivers” of material can be seen. Appearance-wise, they resemble gypsum veins on Earth:

Odyssey crater on Cape York and "bright slivers" of material in the soil. Credit: NASA/JPL
Closeup view of Cape Tribulation and Cape Byron hills. Credit: NASA/JPL

Here also is a recent Microscopic Imager photo of some of the famous Martian “berries” (hematite concretions) from just outside of Endeavour, which have been seen littering the landscape of Meridiani since day one of the mission:

Microscopic Imager photo of "berries" near Endeavour crater. Credit: NASA/JPL

In this image, berries are covering the soil and bedrock near Endeavour. Also note the interesting rivulets in the soil along the edges of the centre piece of bedrock:

"Berries" on soil and bedrock near Endeavour crater. Credit: NASA/JPL