Blog update: Endeavour header

After having the Victoria crater scene as the header graphic for the blog for the past few years (on the pre-WordPress versions of the blog also), I decided it was time for an update, so I’ve now changed it to an Endeavour crater scene, where Opportunity is right now, and the first major change in scenery for the rover in a long time (Endeavour is much, much larger than Victoria). The graphic is a partial view of Endeavour, showing the tall western hills and much more distant southern rim. After years of mostly flat terrain and sand dunes, there are now actual hills to explore.

Thanks to Michael Howard of Midnight Martian again for the colour panorama, made from the original NASA images. I took the cirrus cloud sky from the previous header and added that in. That is also an image of Martian clouds taken by Opportunity, at a different time and location, so all the detail is real, just a combination of two different images.

The new scene, like the previous one, is of course from the Meridiani region on Mars, to go with the blog title, where Opportunity has been travelling since early 2004 and still going!