Planetaria changes

This is just a note about some changes I’m making with the blog. I am now doing a lot more freelance writing separate from Planetaria, for both EarthSky and AmericaSpace, which is taking a lot more of my time. I haven’t been able to do much other writing just for the blog, and usually ended up mostly re-posting articles I had already written, those which were planetary-related. But that is also time-consuming, on top of my other work, so I need to cut back.

Planetaria will continue, but will probably be more of a personal blog instead of a news-oriented blog, since I was mostly just re-publishing already-written news stories. Posts, as often as I am able to, will be more of my personal views on topics or findings of particular interest, with more of an emphasis on images as well. You can read my other articles at the links above. Thanks!



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