High-res view of Mars 2020 landing site: Jezero Crater

Jezero Crater as seen by Mars Express. The delta can be seen on the western rim of the crater. Click image for larger view. Image Credit: NASA/JPL/MSSS/ESA/DLR/FU-Berlin/J. Cowart, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

In 2020, the next Mars rover will be launched by NASA, the Mars 2020 mission, which will search for evidence of ancient life. The rover will land in Jezero Crater, 49 kilometers (30 miles) in diameter. The crater contains an ancient delta system where a river once flowed into the crater, forming a lake. This is similar to Gale Crater, where the Curiosity rover is still currently exploring.

This image is a high-resolution view of Jezero Crater from orbit, taken by the Mars Express spacecraft, and processed by Justin Cowart. Larger versions are available on Justin’s Flickr page.


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